Science Questions

As part of the call for papers, potential participants in WraH 2011 are encouraged to consider any of the following Science Questions aimed at the better use of weather radar to advance flood forecasting and water management best-practice.

How do we deal with uncertainty in radar estimates of precipitation when inputting the data to hydrological models?

What are appropriate methods of combining radar and raingauge data for operational implementation?

What are the benefits of polarisation radar?

How do we use radar estimates of precipitation for urban drainage monitoring, modelling and control?

What is the complimentarity of radar and high-resolution numerical model output?

How should radar data be used for pluvial and flash flood forecasting?

What are the approaches to quality controlling radar data?

How should we use information from radar – hydrological model ensemble forecasts?

How should we deal with the hand-over from radar-based nowcasts to Numerical Weather Prediction model forecasts?

How can hydrology benefit from new radar techniques and technologies?

What new water management problems can benefit from weather radar (e,g bathing water quality), how and are improvements needed?